Turtles are very unique creatures. They are about the only wild animal one can just walk up to without it running away. (But then a turtle’s version of running isn’t exactly up to speed with the rest of the animals.)

I spent my childhood years in my large backyard that had a pond and stream at the end of it. I was always catching critters to bring home to show mom and dad. Turtles were a special find. I would name each one and draw on their undersides with crayons.

My dad and I with a crayoned turtle

That way if I caught the same turtle again I would know. One female turtle came to the front of our house to lay eyes about five years in a row! She most likely would have come back more if the wilderness wasn’t turning into suburbia as fast as it was in our neighborhood.

Turtle always seem to have a strange calmness to them. Looking into a turtle’s eyes is like looking at a bowl of ancient wisdom and never ending patience. Many a time have I or my husband pulled over the car to rescue a turtle trying to cross a busy road. (My husband had a rather unnerving experience a couple weeks ago when he was trying to help a family of turtles cross a road. Right as he was about to get the last one, a car speed by and, well, let’s say my husband was more than a little upset!) But a turtle never seems to mind having to risk its own life to get to a nearby swamp. It is spurred on by the very march of life itself. I think today’s fast driving, cell phone using, always in a hurry to get somewhere else society could learn an important lesson from these timid creatures!

a turtle

turtle eggs

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