Our first big snow (12.5 inches) and below freezing weather has one good side: I get caught up on indoor projects.

I have been working on family tree stuff (see my previous post about it here) again.

What have I gleaned? I am

  • 37.5% English
  • 25% Scandinavian (Norwegian/Swedish)
  • 25% Croatian
  • 6.25% Prussian
  • 6.25% Irish

The English line has been in the United Stated since the 1700s, while the others arrived much later. It’s been really fun and challenging trying to hunt down clues and fill in empty spots in my lineage.

I’ve also been spending some time getting to know the crawlspaces under this old house. I have been filling in cracks in the foundation to try to cut down on the drafts this winter. So far all the spiders I’ve had to share the space with have been nice about it. Let’s hope none of them like to bite.

Not all of the activity around here has been inside, though. I build another sledding hill out back again. Anna and I have been hitting the hill daily.


It’s only 124 days until spring! Always think warm thoughts…


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