Growing up, I never appreciated how rare a relationship my grandmas had. At the time, I assumed everyone’s grandmas were close friends. Now I understand how truly special these two ladies, and their relationship with each other, really is.

My dad’s mother, Iva, is very knowledgeable. She enjoys crossword puzzles, reading, and watching Jeopardy. As a child, I watched her sew wonderful dresses for me. She also made a huge variety of cookies and tasty treats. She was (and still is) very strict about manners, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She dresses plain and practical, no make-up or perfume.

My mother’s mother, Liz, is very spunky. She is the typical life-of-the-party gal. Her loud, contagious laugh often fills the room, along with her perfume. She is a great cook, and insists on feeding any visitor she has huge meals. Her manner of dress is as loud as her laugh. She is always running late. She is very religious, too.

Practical meets dreamy. Calm meets spaz. Reserved meets outgoing. One would never see what these two would have in common. Yet they see each other almost daily. Playing cards and games, shopping, sharing small town gossip. They are there for each other, through good times and bad.

I feel so blessed to have the two wonderful ladies in my life. I hope they are around for many years to come.

My grandmas
Iva and Liz

Post writing note: Iva Marie passed away April 14, 2008, at age 91.

Another post note: Elizabeth passed away August 25, 2009, at age 90.

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