well, I finally did it. I moved out and am now on my own… mostly. when I am asked “do you get homesick?” my initial response? “no, I am out baby!!! FREEDOM!!!”

but then I stop and think about it…

remember moms delicious homemade cooking? ya, that was the stuff…

remember waking up in the morning… or should I say afternoon, and no one bats an eye?

remember being able to be a “bed warmer” and lounge around all day?

ya, I guess I do miss “home” in a way.

but the main thing about those memories, what makes those memories special, what makes me miss “home” is not what I was doing, it those I was around.

what made moms home cooking so good? her love for me and my siblings.

what made sleeping in great? waking up to the sound of my bros bickering…

what made being a “bed warmer” awesome? well, um, okay… moving on… 

I guess what I am getting at is that, I don’t miss the things I did, or the stuff. I more miss my close friends and family. they are the treasures I miss.

However, being moved out does have advantages…

like learning responsibility, like maybe spending that $100 at the candy shop was a bad idea…

( don’t worry mother) I never actually did that.;))

no time for bed warming for this guy! I also get to learn what it means to have a real working schedule! get up in the MORNING!!!

fine… so be it… don’t expect me to be happy about it.

work… well, you don’t know what that means until you are on your own.

I finally am building muscle! XD alright, now for the serious part… as if!!! I have to be on my own in all things. making friends, running from enemy’s, being responsible for my actions…
there is no mommy to explain your actions to others. I have to take the blow for any mess-ups I do… ouch!

moving out is only for mature ones who can take responsibility for their actions. if you can’t do that… sorry mothers, but looks like that 39 year old is better off in your basement.
just saying.

sometimes I wish I could do that… but then reality hits me, if I did, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of being where I am. just food for thought.

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