So I got a brand new top of the line tablet. What do I want to do with it? Well, use it of course!

The first step was to find the English side of the users manual.

 But I couldn’t find it because it is online and I don’t know how to turn my device on. So I turned to my younger sibling, Corbin, to turn it on for me. (Just swallowed my pride.)

Once the device is on, it asked me to make a account.  Account for what?  I don’t know,  but it’s required for my device to work… Once I had an account I can finally access the manual.

The first step in the manual is how to turn the device on. Then it tells me how to make that account.

Now I could download apps and such that I want. Once I started I soon realized that my device has little memory left and I didn’t know how to make apps I didn’t want go away.

Say hello to younger brother again. So finally when I got all of this done and the device is finally set for me to use… my parents tell me that I have been on the electronic device all day and I should really be done.

The next day I go on it and completely forget how it works… Hello younger brother, how are you? So my advice: if you get a new device have a young person around to set it up for you. They know what they are doing.

One thoughts on Digital Adventures:

  • Shannon's avatar August 14, 2014 at 1:38 pm said:

    The scary thing: this was written by an 18 year old!
But I concur: Corbin is our resident geek for all things electronic.

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