There’s something about being pregnant that brings out the story-telling in other women. Giving birth is such an intense experience that a woman never forgets, and she wants to share. I’ve had quite a few ladies approach me over the years and offer their birth experiences. Maybe the sight of just seeing another woman pregnant sends them back down memory lane.

My reasons for sharing our birth stories stem from this revelation. When others find out how big some of my babies have been they want to know how in the world I managed to give birth. Others want to know how I manage to do it naturally.

I wrote up the girls’ birth stories within days of their birth, so their stories are more detailed than the boys, where I had to rely on memory and baby books for some of the minor details.

Alex's birth story

Caleb's birth story

Corbin's birth story

Nora's birth story

Rosa's birth story

Anna's birth story

Ella's birth story

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