Gold's ticker

All about Gold:

  • I have nap attacks. Your chair and the laundry basket are two of my favorite places.
  • I take great pleasure in pouncing. Mostly on an unsuspecting fellow feline.
  • The kitchen is my domain. My guilty indulgence is sneaking onto the table.
  • Even my eyes are golden.
  • My mother and two of my siblings live next door. From time to time I see them outside, looking skinny and miserable.

How my family adopted me

I had a different family. Mother Cat had all us kittens. We often raided my current family's yard, playing, pouncing, doing our... um... business in their gardens. My siblings slowly thinned. This one got sick, that one got hit by a car, those two were picked up by a passer-by. We were rough, thin, and scared.

A sign on the lawn proclaimed "Free Kittens." Now it was just Mother and us three. Well, us two. The third one just hid under the front porch. She never did like humans. Summer became very hot. I often longed for water and food, and would cry nonstop on our deck. Mother was inside there, somewhere, along with a sibling or two, maybe.

A storm was coming. I could feel it. My cries became frantic. A human voice soothed. A hand beckoned from under the wooden fence. I trotted over. She scooped me up, brought me next door, and plopped me down. Coos and giggles from younger humans commenced. The rain soon poured down. The yards flooded. I shutter to think what might have become of me.

I don't miss my kitten-hood life at all. I love it here. Lots of food, water, and companionship are mine. I am the new king of this castle!

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